GTA V Modding

GTAMods Revamped

RageHook( -directx11 -windowed) (power plan = balanced)

  • (* DashCamV by PieRGud * Body Cam by Sebo)
  • Siren Mastery (remapped ‘G’ function, bound to ‘K’, BLIP replaced)
  • SpikeStripsV
  • Sticky Wheels

LSPDFR 0.4(no preloading of models):

  • Stop The Ped(double tap ‘E’, alt takedown anim.) + Ultimate Backup(+xml by TreadRed) –> StopThePed Elite by Ghnty5
  • Better Dispatch Audio
  • CompuLite –> Realistic Usable Charges & Citations for CompuLite by chadc78
  • Cop Holster (taser draw belt swap)
  • Stow That Weapon by willpv23
  • HoldMyGun
  • K9Partner by NoNameSet
  • ‘LSPDFR+’ + ‘Interaction+’
  • Officer Status Plugin by OfficerPope
  • Police Smart Radio
  • Traffic Policer
  • Vocal Dispatch
  • XScanner (Sound addon by Darkmyre)


  • Agency Callouts
  • Assorted Callouts
  • Attempted Crime Callouts
  • Simple Callouts
  • SuperCallouts
  • SuperEvents
  • More Robberies by Chadd
  • PeterUCallouts
  • Station 19 Callouts
  • Variety Callouts
  • Wilderness Callouts


  • ScriptHookdotNet
  • BVA by Lt.Caine
  • Hide Minimap Shortcut by iLLo
  • Realistic Reload by CamxxCore
  • Stance Crouch/Prone Mod by jedijosh920
  • Locational Damage & Deadly Headshots by EnforcerZhukov
  • Persistent Weapon Flashlight by alexguirre & Jitnaught
  • PLD by Lt. Caine
  • ELS by Lt.Caine


  • HeapAdjuster by Dilapidated (1000mb of heap)
  • Gameconfig (1.0.1737.0) for Limitless Vehicles by F7YO
  • PackFile Limit Adjuster by Unknown Modder


  • Simple Trainer


  • Gear Shifting Animation by Hunk text file
  • Relaxed Driving Style by Hunk (“std_sit_low_lowdoor”)†3
  • Enhanced Cruise Control by Kryo4Lex
  • LeFix Simple Fuel(updated by ikt)(select button remapped to vk_return)†2
  • LeFix Speedometer(updated by ikt)(–   –) / NFS gauge by XMOD
  • Manual Transmission by ikt (ShiftUp bound to CapsLock)†1

Cars & Cosmetics (ModdingPackV by Albo1125)

  • EUP Law and Order (LSPD Uniform Pack [EUP 8.1] (NYPD inspire) by CoLT 55)
  • EUP Serve and Rescue
  • EUP Over the Shoulder Radios by Sethy1124
  • CodeyWynne’s Replacements(belt+mic)
  • Off-Duty and Special Duties Pack(eup) by Pacific Pig
  • EUP Formal Uniforms by Avail
  • EUP Vests by GrandTheftPD
  • LSPD Police Badge by Sam (NYPD Badge by me)
  • Penetrator Inflitrator Ballistic Shield by Sniper296
  • Body Bags by majorpaine2015


  • Natural Vision Remastered by Razed + Realistic Radiance by Bossssssa
  • Make Visuals Great Again by Kompetenzzz (installed) + Realistic Radiance + Hide Reticle Addon of NVR


  • ASP Baton by DoubleDoppler
  • Less Lethal ShootGun [Beanbag] by Captain Andersen
  • New AR-15 (Animated) by Jridah
  • Pro Laser 4 Gun by Scaarus
  • Glock 17 by Diab0
  • Taser X26 by BufordT
  • Realistic Guns Sounds by XENORT, 420x420, MaoBO, ThisIsntMyName

Cars & Sirens

  • City of Los Santos Police Pack + Deputy Sheriffs of Blaine County Pack by EchoWolf
  • Improved EnginesV by LibertyDesigns + Ford Door Chime by Fiddle + Tire Skid by StraightGlitchez
  • Police4: 2010 CVPI - Unmarked by RobertTM / [ELS] Florida Highway Patrol 2004 Mercury Marauder 1.0 by Othrin
  • Police42: Detective style 2010 Unmarked Charger by Steve6654
  • Police5: LSPD Vehicle Pack by BradM (cvpi) (bordpatrol)
  • PoliceB: LSPD Pack by TickleMyElmo / Low Profile BMW 1200 Police Bike by Jackson1593
  • Sheriff: Florida Highway Patrol 2019 Dodge Charger by Terry Sloman
  • Sheriff2: BCSO Pack by RangerZ / The Ghost Pack by Frost88 (Durango)
  • Sheriff3: LSPD Pack by Frost88 (Royal San Andreas Police (RCMP Based) by Skin Works)
  • Sheriff4: Los Santos Sheriff’s Department (LASD) [ELS] by t0y
  • Pranger:Lifted Jeep Wrangler Rubicon by Torz (US Border Patrol by firefighter2832)
  • fbi: 2018 Dodge Charger - Los Santos Police Department (LSPD / LAPD) - Unmarked by Cj24/ 2016 Unmarked SRT PotatoCat by MrPotato
  • fbi2: Undercover 2018 Honda Odyssey Elite by BlueGhost
  • pnfirebird: 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP Remastered by BlueGhost
  • pimpala: 2016 Chevrolet Impala LTZ by BlueGhost
  • pchrysler: 2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8 by BlueGhost
  • polmav: Mapped Police Maverick by Yard1


  • police - police3: LSPD Mega Pack [ELS] (LAPD Based) by 0sc4r
  • police2 + police3: Los Santos Police Department Pack (SPVM) by t0y
  • police - police3: LSPD SLR Pack (Old) by TrentMU
  • police - police3: NYPD Pack by OfficerWalters


  • Scan Superior Siren by TakeYaBackToStation4BumVio
  • Modern Siren Pack by GravelRoadCop (Code 3 Mastercom B Siren, Wheelen Cencom Gold)

Miscellaneous/Data Files

  • AI TRAFFIC Fluidity & Discipline by RCrw notik
  • RealisticDrivingV(Marauder/DODGE Chargers/CVPI + materials.dat)
  • Kifflom Replacement ID Requests From GTA IV by FirstEdit
  • Realistic BloodV by Csyon (2K Version)
  • Realistic Melee Mod by Techengage
  • Ultimate Anatomically/Realistic Ragdoll by voncarl93

†1 (Automatic gearbox; ‘default gear = neutral gear’ option) †2 (always show gas stations) †3 (key mapped to ‘N’ use vanilla car first, when using added vehicle for patrol to load plugin properly) Huge thanks to everyone developing those sophisticated modding projects! Your commitment allows me to enjoy GTA V in a fresh way.



Written on March 1, 2019 by   DaErich
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